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What is MissionInsite?

MissionInsite is both a demographic and attitude measurement tool that will help church leaders make strategic decisions about ministry.


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Demographic Tool

As a demographic tool, it will help you know who is in a community or area, and twelve key factors about the population.  It will allow you to learn about attitudes of different neighborhoods and mission fields in your community.  The Mosaic feature is especially helpful because it identifies different affinity groups within the area.  It can help the people of a local church better understand themselves and their community.  It will reveal how we are like or unlike our neighbors.  A seven page report on each Mosaic group, along with specific ministry ideas is included in the MissionInsite program.

Attitude Measuring Tool

As an attitude measuring tool, MissionInsite will help you understand the mind-set of the people in the area being studied.  The religious attitudes study, or quad report, is a new addition this year.  Among other things, the tool provides insights into the needs of the people in an area and specific ministry ideas that may prove helpful in that area.   It also identifies the church preferences of people in the area, including those with no religious preference.  It provides insight into why persons choose not to participate in a local church and why persons currently in a local church might consider leaving that congregation.

Source of Information

All information in the report is local, but can be compared with the broader population.  It is based on data from the census bureau, Experian, MissionInsite and other sources.

Thomas Bandy has written the ministry ideas to reach Mosaic groups.  The program is provided to churches in the Northwest Texas Conference through your shared ministries.

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