What is the Board of Ordained Ministry?

The Board of Ordained Ministry is in Place to Maintain:

• primary responsibility for the enlistment and recruitment of ordained clergy;

• guidance of candidates through the disciplinary requirements for commissioning, probationary membership, consecration, ordination, and professional certification;

• education and training for local pastors, District Committees on Ministry, mentors, and local church Staff-Parish Relations committees; liaison with retired clergy, and those on leave, honorable location, etc.;

• support for clergy career development and evaluation of ministerial effectiveness;

• support for the Order of Deacon and Order of Elder;

• interpretation of the high ethical standards set forth in the Discipline and study of matters pertaining to character;

• administration of a portion of the Ministerial Education Fund and promotion of a system of financial aid to ministerial students; and cooperation with the General Board of Higher Education and Ministry in interpreting legislation and keeping records.

— The Book of Discipline of the United Methodist Church, 2008 ¶ 635.

Have questions?

Contact the board:

Rev. Ryan Strebeck, Chairperson

Rev. Toni Bailey, Chairperson of Division of Local Pastors and Course of Study Registrar

Rev. Blossom Matthews, Chairperson of the Order of Elders

Rev. Mindy McLanahan, Registrar

Rev. Less Hall, Recruitment Coordinator including Seminary Visits