Advancement in Hispanic/Latino Theological Education

On September 15 and 16 in Lubbock, TX, representatives of the "Juan Wesley" Methodist Seminary from Monterrey, Mexico, United Theological Seminary in Dayton, Ohio and the NWTX Conference of The UMC met to arrive at this new a collaborative agreement that undoubtedly marks a historic moment for Hispanic / Latino theological education.

 Among those present were: Rev. Marco Antonio Martínez (Director of Juan Wesley Methodist Seminary), Rev. Gabriel González (Dean of Juan Wesley Methodist Seminary), Dr. David Watson (Dean of United Theological Seminary), Dr. Scott Kisker ( Associate Dean of Master's Programs at United Theological Seminary), Erin Gildner (Coordinator of HCA and Hispanic / Latino Ministries Center of United Theological Seminary), Rev. Wendell Horn (Director of Mission and Administration, NWTX Conference), Rev , Don Boren (Lubbock District Superintendent), Rev. Dr. Jorge Ochoa (Director of the Hispanic / Latino Movement and Church Development of the NWTX Conference), Rev. Gilbert Bela (Chair of the Hispanic / Latino Movement of the NWTX ), and Rev. T.C. Broom (Representative of the Hispanic / Latino Action Team of the NWTX Conference Strategic Plan).


What was agreed during the meeting:

Beyond Borders

Seminario Metodista Juan Wesley in Monterey, Mexico and United Theological Seminary in Dayton, OH are cooperating to further Hispanic-Latino theological education: 

  • Seminario Metodista Juan Wesley will receive some courses from United's Hispanic Christian Academy toward a licenciatura (U.S. bachelor's degree equivalent) in theology.

  • United will grant some advanced standing with credit from Seminario Metodista Juan Wesley's licenciatura in theology, which will reduce the overall length of a Master of Divinity from United.